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The nbn™ and GPRS Alarm Monitoring

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With the roll out of the nbn™ (National Broadband Network) across Australia, existing monitored alarm systems may not be compatible with the new technologies being introduced.

Most alarms are currently monitored via traditional phone lines, however with the implementation of the nbn™ these networks will eventually be switched off. To ensure your monitored alarm system continues to operate reliably, we are moving all monitoring clients over to a new GPRS monitoring service with our A1 graded monitoring centres.

GPRS monitoring is a complete end-to-end wireless alarm transmission system that reports on dual sim / IP capabilities, across the 3G/4G data networks to provide a secure communication path between the monitored alarm. The 3G network has been guaranteed for another 6 years, the 4G network is expected to be guaranteed longer.

We recommend GPRS monitoring over an nbn™ alarm monitoring service that includes a UNI-V (voice) connection as there are extensive limitations to the reliability and effectiveness of this service.

Some benefits of GPRS compared to a UNI-V service:

  • GPRS works nationwide, while the UNI-V service is not available in all nbn™ network areas due to the technology deployed

  • GPRS can communicate during a power outage, unlike UNI-V which cannot guarantee continuous communication

  • With a UNI-V service, there is an increased potential for alarm signals not to be transmitted correctly and a possibility that some older alarm systems may not be compatible with the nbn™ network at all. GPRS can work seamlessly with all existing and new alarm systems.

While nbn™ alarm monitoring locks you in to a contract, GPRS monitoring through Brighton Security Services includes a one off device and installation cost, without any contract period. Your regular weekly monitoring will increase slightly, however you will save money on telephone line rental (as it is now not needed) and save on calls between your alarm panel and the monitoring centre.

To find out when the nbn™ is coming to your area, enter your address on the rollout map.

To ensure your monitoring service continues without disruption, please contact us on (02) 9518 7471 before you move over to the nbn™ so we can organise the right solution for you. If you have already been connected to the nbn™, please contact us immediately for more information on how we can assist you today.

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